Kiara is from our Nala X Lito breeding. She is mother to Vitani and Hef. She is full sister to Zira Rose. This girl is full of personality and loves to please. She is shredded by nature and is a very laid back girl. She has the best attributes from each of her parents and is exactly what we wanted when we did that breeding.

Kiara is Embark tested and clearred, OFA Elbows Normal and OFA Hips Good

Zira Rose

Zira Rose, what can I say? This girl is flashy and has really stolen the show. She is absolutely the best dog ever! She loves to please, is happy to play ball or lay on the couch. She is littermate sister to Kiara. She has an upcoming breeding and we cannot wait to see what she does for us!

Shady Lady

This girl came into our lives unexpectedly but she is by far one of my favorite up-and-comers. She is just one of THOSE dogs. She wants to be wherever you are, at all times. She loves to snuggle and is completely content just laying next to you. This girl has some BIG blood behind her. Her grandfather as shown below, No Peace is a BullyBlueGiants NOTORIOUS BIG son of the world famous TERRORIST THREAT, a MAC10 son. So with her we are bringing in all that old school BIG blood. Her grandma, PapaGirl is from Bossyblood mixed with TopDogBullies blood, need I say more? Also surprisingly enough shady’s embark test revealed that she is Ghost Tricolor. Meaning her to any of our boys will produce ALL tricolor and ghost tricolor pups!


Hex has a DREAM pedigree. Bringing in LOTS of BIG blood. Everyone knows the world famous WHITE DEMON. But mix that in with some HouseOfBlue Encore and Triton (ariel’s sire) and this is what you get.. Not many females carry the head and bone that this girl does at only 8 months old. She’s definitely going to be one of those to keep your eye on.


This girl is the VERY vision of our Kiara X Rebar breeding. We wanted to add more bone and mass to Kiara.. and well.. Rebar delivered. Vitani is extremely special to us as she’s a Nala grand daughter and has proven so far to be a sparkling reflection of her. We cannot wait to watch this girl mature into what we KNOW she will become.