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From here on, “CASSI HOUSE/QUEENS KENNEL” will be known as the “SELLER” and _ will be known as the “BUYER.”

HOLDING FEE “DEPOSIT” & MONETARY FRAUD: A deposit is required to hold any puppy. Puppies are required to be paid for in full by 6 weeks of age. If at 6 weeks of age the pup has not been paid for in full, you will forfeit your deposit. Deposits and payments are non-refundable, unless the puppy you wanted is not available due to not being born. If the puppy is born and you fail to make your balance payment or decide you do not like this particular puppy, deposit will not be refunded but may be used towards another puppy in the future. All Holding Fees are non-refundable, but are transferable to another available puppy of Buyer’s choice. Should the puppy die or turn out to have a physical defect that would prevent adoption prior to being transferred to Buyer, the Holding Fee will either be refunded or may be transferred to a different puppy. Should there not be a puppy available to transfer the Holding Fee to, Buyer will be given 12 months to transfer the Holding Fee to a different puppy. After 12 months, the Holding Fee is forfeited. Due to the ever increasing fraudulent counterfeit methods, any monetary disputes, whether intentional or unintentional, automatically will revoke or limit breeding rights to any kennel club papers issued with the puppy if the party is found guilty. If you change your mind on a pup, your deposit may be transferred to any available pup at that time.

GUARANTEES: Seller is in compliance with all ABKC/UKC regulations and makes every effort to ensure that the puppy is healthy at the time of transfer. We will not allow a puppy to leave until we are certain that the puppy is ready for the trip to your home and has passed a licensed veterinary health inspection, is free from any illness, and is eating quite well on its own. Your new puppy will be examined by a licensed veterinarian and have a health certificate. The BUYER accepts the results of this veterinary exam as true. SELLER SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MEDICAL EXPENSES THAT BUYER HAS INCURRED. Seller guarantees pup to be sent in good health, current on vaccinations and dewormings, and free of Distemper, Parvo, Parainfluenza, and any life threatening genetic defect. Your new puppy has been given vaccines that were delivered to us in cold pack and were immediately transferred to our refrigerated storage until the vaccine was used and the coordinating label placed in your puppy’s vaccination booklet following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Puppies will be dewormed every two weeks from the time of birth until it goes to its new home, and a normal deworming should follow as recommended by your vet. DA2PPC shots will be given at 6 and 8 weeks of age. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to set up an ongoing appropriate vaccination schedule with your vet. We assume no responsibility for any illness to other household pets resulting in being exposed to your new puppy.
All vaccines are NOT created equal; therefore, you or your vet may notice a different schedule has been followed according to the specific vaccination administered. Because over vaccination can cause serious health consequences, any vaccination given before your puppy is actually due for its next vaccine will VOID this guarantee in its entirety. All of our puppies have completed their regimen of immunization to their age appropriate vaccination schedule at time of delivery.
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Seller cannot guarantee the puppy against illness or opportunistic parasite brought on by the stress of moving (from our house to yours), shipping, or motion sickness resulting from being transported. This stress can ignite illnesses and opportunistic parasites such as hypoglycemia (sugar drop) or coccidia (dormant in most live animals), giardia, kennel cough, etc. Seller also does not guarantee the puppy to be “worm-free” as this is an on-going process that, once the dog is out of our control, is responsibility of Buyer. These are easily and economically treated and should they occur. SELLER SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MEDICAL EXPENSES OR OTHER COSTS THAT BUYER HAS INCURRED.
Further, this guarantee does not cover any of the following conditions or minor flaws: coccidiosis, giardia, hypoglycemia, kennel cough, pneumonia, ear mites, ear infections, allergies, over or under bites, herniations, a non-life-threatening open fontanel. Seller cannot guarantee size, color, temperament or fertility of any puppy. Seller cannot guarantee size or conformation and does not imply or intend to imply any potential and/or prospect of show quality of any puppy.
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Buyer agrees to follow up with a Veterinary Clinic within 48 hours of receiving the pup. At that time, if it is determined the pup has a life threatening genetic defect, Queens Kennel will replace the pup with the next available pup of equal value; no cash refunds will be given. We reserve the right to ask for a second opinion on any findings by the said vet.

HEALTH & NUTRITION: Buyer agrees to keep the dog in good physical condition with regularly scheduled vaccinations, deworming, flea, tick and heartworm prevention and to provide proper shelter, exercise, fresh water and dog food. Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy on a premium dog food to ensure proper health, growth, and the overall well-being of the puppy. We feel strongly about keeping your puppy as healthy as possible and we feel that providing a premium dog food is imperative to your dog’s nutritional health and long-life.

FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL: Buyer agrees that the puppy will never be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, rescue, research laboratory or other similar facility. In the event Buyer decides they can no longer care for the dog, wishes to sell, transfer ownership, give the puppy/dog away, the Buyer agrees to notify Seller immediately and Seller is to be given the “FIRST RIGHT” of refusal. If Seller exercises this right, ownership shall be legally transferred to Seller and once Seller has found an appropriate home for the dog, half of what it is resold for will be returned to Buyer. All registration papers, immunization papers, microchip registration papers, etc. must be returned with the puppy and cost of shipping shall be at Buyer’s expense. By signing our agreement, you understand that if at any time you cannot longer care for your dog, you will contact Queens Kennel & we will gladly take them back! Under no circumstances are any QK puppies to be surrendered to an animal shelter. Failture to abide by this will result in a fine of $5000 USD.

MISCELLANEOUS: Both parties agree that they will not disparage or denigrate each other orally, electronically or in writing. Should Buyer make such online derogatory claims, Buyer agrees to pay the cost to have such negative claims and remarks removed from the World Wide Web. Buyer shall be responsible for all reasonable expenses of such enforcement including Seller’s necessary attorney’s fees, court costs, and/or fees to the online company to remove derogatory complaints. In the event of legal action necessary to enforce the obligations on the Buyer by the Seller the Buyer shall be responsible for all reasonable expenses of such enforcement including Seller’s necessary attorney’s fees, court costs, and travel fees. The pictures which Seller emails to Buyer are of a professional quality. Buyer does not have permission to alter these photos in any way, nor does Buyer have permission to attempt to resell any puppy acquired from Seller using any of these pictures. Seller has the right at any time to decide to stop breeding activities. In this case, no replacement puppies shall be given and this contract is null and void and no cash refunds shall be made.

PICKS: What does pick mean? The number pick you have is the order in which you choose your puppy. At 5 weeks of age, picks are made. You will be provided photos and videos of all puppies of your gender weekly starting a 1 day old and following at 1 week, 2 weeks, and so on until 5 weeks. The day the pups turn 5 weeks old the first pick person will choose their pup, then the 2nd person will be notified and choose theirs and so on. If you do not respond within 12 hours of being notified, your pup will be chosen for you, NO EXCEPTIONS! You will be reminded 1 week before, and 1 day before the date that picks will be made.

PAYMENTS: Payments may be made with cash, bank wire, or cash app. Cashapp and bank wires require fees for sending money, this is your responsibility and is not included in the price of the puppy. Shipping is additional to puppy price unless otherwise discussed by buyer and seller and noted above in the pricing section.

ABUSE/NEGLECT: In the event that the dog is mistreated, neglected, abused in any way, kept outside in extreme heat or extreme cold conditions, kept on wire flooring, Seller has the right to rescue the dog immediately, with no notice or compensation to Buyer. Buyer shall voluntarily surrender any kennel club registration papers (if applicable), microchip records, and health records.


I, the Buyer of a puppy from Queens Kennel, hereby acknowledge that I have received a copy of this contract and acknowledges by signing below, that he or she has read, understands and agrees to the terms of this agreement in its entirety.

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