Puppies from Queens Kennel

My portfolio showcases various puppies and dogs that we have produced over the years. If you are considering purchasing a pup from us, we can also put you in contact with some of their owners to review their experience with us.

We like to call our kennel the HOUSE that NALA built. Kovu, Kiara, Zira, & Zeus are all of Nala’s babies. Hef, & Hera are her grandpups. So you can see, we are a little partial to what Nala has done for us. &Of course Miss Juice too, Cardi, Honey, Chaos, all came from her! Two major foundation females and now their daughters will take over.

Nala, Nala pups, Nala grandpups:

Juice &Juice pups:

More dogs produced by us from other breedings: