Health Testing

We are doing our part to produce healthy puppies by health testing all of our dogs. Their results are shown below according to the test. Click on the dogs name for their links.

Embark Results:

CRD4 has been proven not to affect the American Bully breed. We have talked with the oldest living dogs with 2 copies of CRD4 who do eye evaluations yearly, they have normal eyes. Therefore we do not consider it a health risk in our dogs, even if they have 2 copies.

ATL Activity is not an actual disease or risk. It just means that their baseline ATL activity is lower than the average dog. This is useful information when doing bloodwork with your vet, so they don’t expect a problem from lower results than normal in that area of the bloodwork.








-Kiara :OFA Elbows: Normal OFA Hips: Good

-Hef: OFA Elbows: Normal, PennHip: R:0.50, L:0.52, OFA Cardiac: Normal