“Royalty is in our blood, Loyalty is in our DNA.”

Nice To Meet You!

Experienced American Bully Breeder

Hi I’m Cassi; I have been breeding American Bullies since 2014 when I created, then named, Diamond Pride Kennel. I took a few years break after a divorce and now back stronger than ever. I have sense swapped names to Queens Kennel.

I was a vet tech for several years and now own my own dog boarding and grooming business. This gives me the flexibility with my schedule to be off during the first weeks of the puppies lives so they have 24/7 care. I love what I do and it is truly a blessing to be where I am. I strive to better the American Bully breed while making beautiful, healthy, companions for families!

My daughter Paisley, and I and our amazing dogs make up the QK family. We love raising our babies in our home and giving them a wonderful start to life to be the best companions they can be. We raise our babies with the Puppy Culture program as well as tons of socialization and enrichment. Are you ready to become part of the QK family?

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We are very humbled to be doing something that we LOVE. This isn’t just a hobby or a job to us, its our passion.


Our dogs are Embark tested, OFA Cardiac, OFA Patella, OFA Elbow, &PennHip tested.

How We Raise Our Pups:

From the moment we plan our breeding, we start planning everything out. When our females come into season they go to our vet for a breeding Exam, progesterone testing, and finally a surgical insemination when they are ready. Then at 4 weeks post breeding, go in for an ultrasound and puppy count, how exciting?! Then we go back when it is time for our planned c section. Our girls then have their whelping box and room set up. Our pups spend the first 4 weeks with us and their mom in our home. Then they are moved to our heated and cooled, puppy nursery with their mom. They have access starting at 6 weeks to a doggy door and outdoor puppy playpen where they start to learn how to go potty outside!

We also use the Puppy Culture early stimulation technique to give every puppy an early start at becoming familiar with dealing with changes, stresses, and new things! We have found that this helps puppies be ready for all sorts of homes and family environments and creates smart, stimulated, fearless puppies. We have videos of this on our Instagram page showing each technique and why its important. Our puppies also start potty training in a “puppy litter box” at 4 weeks old, this makes the transition to house training much easier.